Rules & Regulations

Palmetto Shores Rules and Regulations

Please abide by the following guide lines. They are in place for the safety and comfort of all campers and staff.

Check-In Time: Tent & RV Sites – 1PM / Cabins – 3PM

Check-Out Time: Tent & RV Sites – 11AM / Cabins – 11AM

GUEST agrees to the following terms and conditions:

Registration: All resort guests are required to check in at the front office, must obtain a car pass, and wrist bands for the pool. Wristbands must be worn during duration of stay on property.  Guests will be charged $5 for any broken / lost replacement wristbands.

Vehicle Pass: Each reservation will be given 2 vehicle passes and any additional vehicle pass will be $10 per additional vehicle. Every vehicle, while in the resort, must have a car pass visible and hanging on your rear view mirror at all times. The pass is to be turned towards the window facing outward so your site is clearly visible. There will be a $25 charge for each vehicle not displaying the pass on the mirror; there are no exceptions as this assists us in keeping the resort safe.

Gate Code: Upon arrival, you are issued a gate code to allow access to our property. This gate code is not to be given out to anyone. We do not allow this code to be given to vendors, or any guests you have coming into the park that have not registered at the office. If you are found sharing our gate code to allow unauthorized passage into the park, you will be charged $100 and subsequent violations may result in your being asked to leave the resort.

Speed Limit: The resort speed limit is 5 MPH. You are responsible for the speed at which you and all of your guests/visitors drive.  Violators will be subject to dismissal, at the discretion of the resort.

Golf Carts: All personal golf carts must be registered in the front office. YOU MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF INSURANCE TO OPERATE A GOLF CART ON RESORT PROPERTY.  Drivers must be at least 16 years of age or older.  Gas & electric golf carts are permitted.  ATVs/UTVs/SxS are not permitted on property by guests.

Parking: Only 2 vehicles are authorized to be parked at each RV site or cabin.  No boats or trailers of any kind are permitted to be on your site. All additional vehicles/trailers must be parked in overflow.  No vehicles will be parked on the grass or protrude into the roadways at your site.  Golf carts will be insured (with a copy of the policy on file at the front office) and have a current Palmetto Shores RV Resort golf cart sticker displayed.

Guests & Visitors: Each tent site & RV site is allowed 6 people total. 1 bedroom cabins (with the exception of Cabin 5 that allows 4) are allowed 6, and 2 bedroom cabins are allowed 8. These numbers include the person who is on the reservation and the office must have a list of names of all guests checking in and visitors who will be visiting when the reservation holder checks in. Any visitor (regardless of length of time they visit) are $10 per visitor per day.  All guests & visitors are required to come to our office and register. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. You are not allowed to bring a visitor onto the grounds who is not registered at the office. Doing so will result in a $25 fee for each guest brought onto the property without registering and you may be asked to leave the resort.  Additional guests over the allowed number on the site/in the cabins will be charged $5.00 per person (per length of reservation), if staying the night.  Each guest/visitor will be required to wear a resort wristband while on property, regardless of the length of stay or visit.

Pets: All pets must be on a leash at all times, while outside. Pets will not be on “runners” or leashed up outside unattended. Pets may not be kenneled outside and left unattended.  Guest will pickup all pet’s waste immediately and dispose of it in their own trash receptacles or dumpster.  Absolutely no exotic animals or aggressive breeds will be permitted. Maximum 2 pets per cabin reservation. $75 non refundable pet fee per pet is required per cabin reservation with pets. Please see resort management for further details.

Utilities: All of the RESORT RV sites include utilities:

  1. SEWERSewer hook-up is available at my site. I will use ONLY RV toilet paper in my RV and will maintain the proper amount of chemicals in my black tank. I understand that should my RV cause the sewer pumping machinery to fail that I will be held responsible for ALL labor, parts, and repair costs.
  2. WATER: Water hookup is available at the site. During the winter months, I am responsible for keeping my water hose from the spigot to my trailer thawed. RESORT shall be responsible only for the water line up to the spigot.
  3. ELECTRICAL: An electrical receptacle is available at the site. Electricity is included in the daily/monthly camping fee. RESORT shall be responsible only for the electricity up to the post outlet.

Appearance: To help maintain a certain standard of appearance:

  1. RESORT reserves the right at any time to ask me to remove any item on my site or disassemble anything built or erected on my site.
  2. All exterior lighting will be LED and must be approved by RESORT. Exterior lighting is only permitted to be used between sunset and sunrise.


Cancellation Policy: Cancellation must be made 14 days prior to the arrival date, in order to receive a refund minus a $20 cancellation fee.  Any reservation cancelled within 14 days of the arrival date will be subject to a $20 cancellation fee and any refund will be returned in the form of a user credit that is valid for the remaining calendar year.  All no shows for a reservation will be charged for full length of no showed reservation.  No exceptions.

Refund Policy: Palmetto Shores RV Resort is not responsible for early departure necessitated by weather, illness, work schedules, personal emergencies, or other situations affecting our guests. Fees are not refunded for early departure. Cancellation must be made 14 days prior to the arrival date, in order to receive a refund minus a $20 cancellation fee.  Any reservation cancelled within 14 days of the arrival date will be subject to a $20 cancellation fee and any refund will be returned in the form of a user credit that is valid for the remaining calendar year. No exceptions.

Liability: The use of RESORT’s facilities is at the user’s own risk. RESORT’s guests are responsible for their visitors. RESORT assumes no responsibility or liability for the safety and security of RV guests/campers/visitors. RESORT is not responsible for loss or damage to RV or camping guests’ property due to theft, vandalism, fire, any casualty, or act of God. Registered guests and all other users of this property expressly assume all risk of such loss or damage and must carry their own insurance.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to charge guests the cost of rectifying damage, caused by the deliberate, negligent or reckless act of the guest to the resort’s property or structure. Should this damage come to light after the guest has departed, we reserve the right to make a charge to the guest’s credit / debit card, or send an invoice for the amount to the registered address. We will however make every effort to rectify any damage internally prior to contracting specialists to make the repairs, and therefore will make every effort to keep any costs that the guest would incur to a minimum.

Indemnification: RV guests’ and/or camping guest shall indemnify and hold harmless RESORT, its officers, and employees from all claims, liability, and expenses, including but not limited to attorney and other professional fees, for injury to persons, loss of life, or damage to property arising out of the guests’ exercise of their rights hereunder.

Reservation of Rights: Palmetto Shores RV Resort is private property. RESORT reserves the right to amend these rules without prior notice to residents or guests. RESORT, at its discretion, reserves the right to refuse entry on the resort to any person and to evict current guests without a refund. RESORT also reserves the right to refuse to accommodate current and returning guests that have violated our rules and regulations and/or have vacated the resort without paying all fees.  This agreement supersedes all previous contracts or agreements.


Thank you for choosing Palmetto Shores RV Resort! Enjoy your stay!

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